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3 Responses to Contact Us!

  1. Yocraig says:

    I’m listening to your podcast right now so I’m full of comments! Regarding toxic behavior in WoW, Elizabella is spot on! Toxic behavior is everywhere. They were at school, they’re at work, they’re at the grocery store, at the mall, etc. Your solution to toxic behavior needs to start (and end) with you, because you cannot change them. You cannot stop it…you have to ignore it or find other ways to not let it bother you.

    As I listen to you all discussing this subject further, I have to ask…how much harassment are you all experiencing? What harassment I have experienced couldn’t have lasted longer that an hour, tops and THEY were the only ones emotionally involved. It pretty much just bounced off me.

  2. Richard (RPG Name: Jahadeem) says:

    I did most of my playing in original and crispy (BC).
    For multiple reasons, in game and out of game, including not feeling the LK expansion, I left sometime just before CAT hit.

    Since then I have not really even logged in.

    I have just recently returned and have decided to start a guild (only the 2nd time I have tried this).

    I am having the following problems and would like some insight:

    1) I found trying to play my 72 Human Warrior almost impossible with all the changes from when I left until now. So much so that I at one time renamed him (Jahadem) and started a new Human Warrior with my normal name, Jahadeem, in order to try to get used to the changes. Is there a better way to get used to the new way abilities are setup or maybe with the rest of the world changes was this a good idea?

    2) During the BC days starting and getting guild members was easy. Now just starting a guild requires reciprocating with others on other servers to help start their guilds and finding old friends to help.
    a) Was starting my own guild at this point in the life of the game a near impossible endeavor?
    b) What would you recommend to get others to join my guild?

    I look forward to hearing any insight you may have by listening to your podcast through iTunes.


  3. hunter sayre says:

    hey guys im listening to your newest pod cast right now and i was wondering rho whats your account name so maybe we can play some hearthstone together

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