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All Things Azeroth began in 2004 as the show Midweek Review on WoW Radio, where it lived for many months. Eventually it moved to a more content specific show and transformed into Know Your Role also on WoW Radio. Around the time of the first Blizzcon, the show moved over to a short stint on MMO Radio, before going on to launch as an independent podcast. The Know Your Role podcast was short lived, due to a variety of problems. In the time leading up to the launch of Burning Crusade, Medros, the host, was approached by some long time fans to relaunch the project under a new name, and new style.

All Thing Azeroth had it’s first episode released in the hours leading up to the release of Burning Crusade, launching on January 15th, 2007. The first cohost was Lelia, a member of the guild Medros belonged to. Later co hosts would be Sardrissa, Alyviel, Graece, Nananea, and Shade. As of Episode 328 new co-host Rho remains with the show as it journeys onward. Three National Podcast Post Months, Six years, and innumerable rough starts, this is All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast.

Medros began online gaming in a little known game called World of Pirates, a seafaring MMO out of Germany based on Sid Meier’s Pirates! game from 1987, which is how he first created the name Medros, a modified Pedros which was taken in the Spain faction of the game. Beta testing several games back then with a local DJ named Dizz, he eventually came upon a sign up for a small beta test for a game called World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.

Having been a fan of Warcraft going back to the Warcraft: Orcs and Humans limited trial on a floppy, Medros jumped on the opportunity to get in on this sign up, eventually getting an email in August 2004 offering him a spot in the first stress test. The seven day, turned ten due to natural disaster, stress test introduced Medros to the human race, the Paladin class, and the amazing art of World of Warcraft. Once the stress test ended he stalked the forums for new information about the game and it’s many aspects.

Then came a post by a character named Athalus. Ath was looking to start up a WoW based internet radio station, named WoW Radio, and was looking for staff to take the station live. Medros was the first staff member after Athalus himself, also becoming the second show host with the Midweek Review show airing Wednesday night. The station went through many changes in the first year, with such additions as Emperor, Totalbiscuit, and DJ Wheat. The station had many great events like the WoW launch night event, the WoW Idol contest, the attempted takeover by DJ Wheat and company, not to mention the first Blizzcon event in Anaheim.

Eventually Medros left WoW Radio and joined up with MMO Radio, where he did his usual Wednesday night show, now called Know Your Role at that station for a few months before deciding that this company too was not for him. His voice silent for so many months, Medros was convinced to give his show one more try shortly before the launch of Burning Crusade, and with a new co-host, Lelia, on the show, he decided to become less specialized and renamed the show All Things Azeroth. All Things Azeroth was launched on January 15th, 2007, and so began a new era of audio creativity for Medros. With the show running sporadically over the next few years, and serving a myriad variety of co-hosts from Lelia to Sardrissa to Alyviel, Graece, and Shade, the show has had many faces, styles, and frequency.

The journey has been years in the making, and an exciting new chapter for the show is just beginning as two new co-hosts have come on board.

Rho has been a fan of roleplaying games most of his life and began his MMO adventures with Ultima Online before moving on to Final Fantasy Online and ultimately World of Warcraft. He’s been a fan of ranged DPS and been through the times and trials of guild and raid leading throughout his time in Azeroth.

After a few years of being an avid WoW podcast listener, Rho rebranded his WoW blog under the name of “Realm Maintenance” in August 2012 and began to use the site as a way to help keep players connected with the WoW podcast community through both a directory and eventually a weekly short podcast by the same name.

When it comes to WoW he describes himself as a hardcasual achievement hunter, far from cutting edge but always on the hunt for new conquests in the game, big or small.

The Gear

Medros records on a Windows 7 PC, using a Blue Snowball Mic, Sony MDR-XD100 Stereo Headphones, and Adobe Audition 1.5. Rho records using a Blue Snowball Mic, and the free Audacity recording application. The show is broadcast live to Twitch.tv using an Apple MacMini.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Kurly says:

    Hey Medros….I have a bunch of Alliance 85’s and would be happy to help you level your priest but I missed your email address. If you want to Real ID me, feel free to use the email I listed for this post. I am generally on from 6-9 est during the week.

    I am a new listener to this sho, but I listen to the Shattered Soulstone, and just love you’n Shade!!

    All the best!!


  2. jamie says:

    Ran into an odd glitch with the interview link.

    gets me a page not found sort of error,

    but works.

  3. jamie says:

    Ran into an odd glitch with the interview link.

    “https://bitly.com/ataasks/” gets me a page not found sort of error,

    but “https://bitly.com/ataasks” works.

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