Dressing Up for Blizzcon 2019 Contest

Thanks to the folks at Blizzard, we have a bunch of Blizzcon 2019 Virtual Tickets to give away, so we are throwing a contest! In the vein of the Trial of Style, we want to see your transmogs based on a variety of themes. Each person can submit 2 entries per theme to show@allthingsazeroth.com before noon CDT on Friday the 25th of October. Beginning at noon on Saturday the 26th we will post a series of screenshots in the #dressing-up-contest channel on our discord server and hold voting for the entries for each theme via reactions to the post. The themes are as follows:

*Fiery Threads from the Hottest places on Azeroth
*The Path to Icecrown
*Under the sea
*Faction Pride
*Tributes to Peace and Virtue
*Servants of the Old Gods
*Dressed to the Nines

We cannot wait to see what you all come up with for this contest.

[Update: Please make sure your transmog is able to be seen in the screenshot so we can see at least the front of your transmog. Here is a sample image:

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