All Things Azeroth #520 – Diablo, Gadgetzan, and Flying, Oh my!

All Things Azeroth, your World of Warcraft Podcast, is back as Phandeth is joined by Will and Hasteur while Toasty and Medros enjoy California, to talk about all the news from Blizzcon and more

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One Response to All Things Azeroth #520 – Diablo, Gadgetzan, and Flying, Oh my!

  1. Docks says:

    I agree that the Nostalrius supporters definitely hurt their cause by trying to “threaten” blizzard with claims of recreating the project with some of their old competitors, but I can definitely sympathize with their requirements. “We can’t simply plug classic wow in like Majora’s mask or Smash bros 64.”

    Going along with what you said about herbalism fails and other kinks and difficulties add to the magic in my mind, of what made Vanilla so spectacular. It was so challenging, that visual appearance was literally an indicator of skill. In 1.12.1 if you witnessed a warrior walking around in dreadnaught armor, or with thunderfury. They were a big deal.

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