Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2014-2015

Although it initially started out as a bit of a gimmick, being able to play games on your mobile has become quite a large and big impacting genre in the gaming industry in the last few years. In the last few months alone there have been tons of major advancements to mobile gaming.

We’ve taken a look at some of these changes and came up with a few trends that might start to appear in the next year.

First up are the increasingly blurred lines that we’re starting to see with games on our phones that could easily appear on consoles.

For example, old console games like GTA: San Andreas and Infinity Blade are already available on mobile which proves phones can handle complex games. Plus with the increasing quality of mobile graphics we’ll no doubt see games coming out that are on par with last-gen consoles.

Another thing we’ll see is a crackdown on the amount of ‘free-to-play’ apps on the market. With the recent infamous debacle with the Dungeon Keeper app where it was advertised as free but you had to pay to do pretty much anything there will no doubt be stricter control over the freemium market.

Already freemium games have to officially clarify whether they are actually free or not and this will no doubt evolve over the next year or so.

Also with the recent launch of Sony and Microsoft’s companion apps for both the PS4 and Xbox One we’ll no doubt see more of these nifty little apps appearing.

They’re already proving to be incredibly popular with gamers as they allow you to micromanage your account, control your Xbox (mainly as a Netflix remote) or use the phone screen for in your game to take advantage of special perks or gadgets. For example, the Xbox One version of Dead Rising 3 has an app that lets you call down artillery strikes in the game using your phone.

But it’s not just the videogame side of the mobile industry that will change, we’ll also probably see changes to other sectors of the mobile market.

One side of the coin that might change is the mobile gambling market; they’ve already seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last few years. Because of how popular this genre has become there are a near infinite number of mobile gaming sites out there with each one taking their own spin on smartphone gambling with companion apps or mobile friendly games.

However, with so much success with their current models it’s safe to say that the mobile gambling industry will not change in 2015. The only thing that can be change is the bonuses that those sites offer because why fix what’s not broken.

Of course what we’ve come up with is purely just predictions and hypotheticals as whether these play out is completely unknown. At any rate mobile gaming is definitely going to be interesting to watch over the next few years.

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