Review: Bloodsworn

First, thank you to the Blizzard PR department for sending me a review copy, as well as others for Rho and a giveaway. Bloodsworn was a very entertaining read, even as a member of the Alliance. I will admit that the customs of the Horde are not as well known to me, but this book did a good job of filling in my knowledge where it lacked, and intrigued me with some of the customs I wasn’t aware of.

Starting with the introduction, which felt quite disjointed at first before the pieces finally came together, the story tells the story of the Garad’kra, a newly formed militia that is tasked with seeking out threats to the Horde and reporting back to Orgrimmar with any information they find. The group is led by the Orc shaman Shagara, and consists of the tauren Ironhoof, the Blood Elf paladin Ashra, the Forsaken warlock Felgrim, the Troll druid Rada’jin, and eventually by Malgar, an Orc hunter.

Following up on a Centaur attack that brought Malgar and Ironhoof together, before they split apart after Malgar’s recovery, the Garad’kra chances on Malgar again while he is hunting an off shoot of the Centaur that is looking to take over all of Kalimdor. When one of the Garad’kra falls protecting Malgar, he takes it upon himself to fill their place on the team and leads them into the belly of the beast, Maraudon.

The hardbound graphic novel is written by Doug Wagner, and drawn by Jeremias Raapack, and the combination of the art, which suits the Horde very well, and the story telling, which is done very well, make this a book that is well worth the cost and something I recommend picking up so you to can see the incredible ending.

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