Review: World of Warcraft Dark Riders

The Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass have been part of WoW from the very launch of the game, and their lack of resolution and answers have only built the myth of the Dark Riders up to the point of legend. Today, May 7th, the new World of Warcraft: Dark Riders graphic novel written by Mike Costa and illustrated by Neil Googe, which delves into more story behind the mysterious riders from Karazhan, has been released. I want to thank Blizzard for not only sending us a review copy, but also sending one to give away, which we were able to do for Elizabella’s first live show.

From the front cover all the way to the back, the art in this book is incredible, and weaves a thrilling tale that will be heartfelt to anyone who played through the Alliance stories of the Eastern Kingdom. While a couple of panels made me laugh, due to art that didn’t look quite right, the overall story was one that I think any player in the World of Warcraft would love to take part in. Venturing across incredibly familiar areas, meeting people known and remembered fondly from the lands near Stormwind, and engaging characters that draw you into their story, this book will really expand on the lore of that area.

Following the mage Karlain, his son Mardigan, the priest Revil, and others, we travel the areas closest to Stormwind in order to get more information about the Dark Riders, their interest in powerful magical artifacts, the mysterious Wolf Cult, and the worgen threat in Duskwood. From a bar fight in Goldshire to the thrilling conclusion in Karazhan, this story will pull you in and show you a side of the characters that may just surprise you. This is a book I definitely recommend picking up, and adding to your collection of books. Look for World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn, out later this year.

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