Blizzard Previews Bad Robot Pet

Are you a fan of the show Lost? Fringe? Alias? The little seen, but well done Alcatraz? Did you enjoy the Star Trek recent reboot? Well then, my readers with good taste, you are totally going to want the upcoming engineer crafted Bad Robot tribute pet coming in a future patch to WoW, which looks identical to the iconic mascot of the company.

Bad Robot Productions, the production company owned by J.J. Abrams, has quite the resume when it comes to productions. Alias in 2001, Lost in 2004, the aforementioned Star Trek reboot in 2009, and have announced they will be working on Star Wars episode 7, as well as movies in the Portal and Half-Life universes. Bad Robot clearly has a huge fanbase, including some notable fans in Irvine, at Blizzard HQ.

Blizzard recently put out the following post on the WoW website:

One of the core values we live by here at Blizzard is “Embrace Your Inner Geek.” We play countless games, we collect comics and card games, we love cutting-edge technology and computer hardware, we’re fascinated by science and discovery, and many of us are movie buffs. Movies represent the combined imaginations of talented writers and visionaries, artists and operators, editors and producers, that can culminate in an awesome cinematic experience.

It’s with this motivation that we express our respect for JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions.

Coming in a future patch, characters with the Engineering profession will be able to produce this mechanical homage to the company that brought us award-winning television shows like Lost and Fringe, and are continuing the epic Star Trek and forthcoming Star Wars film sagas. Everyone has a chance to get their hands on this pet, allowing them to show off their mutual appreciation for Bad Robot, and the stories they’ve brought to our TVs and movie screens.

We hope everyone enjoys this new pet!

I know more than a few who are excited for this to come into game. In addition to the Skyclaw mount and Pierre pet that didn’t make it into 5.2, and I can definitely say that I want a rare Bad Robot.

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