Alleged Titan Concept Art Leaked

Early this morning, one of my followers on Twitter named @muskieratboi sent me a tweet with a link to an image that they had seen posted on Reddit. They were wondering what the image was, as it does have the Blizzard logo on it. The Reddit post alleges that the image is a piece of Titan concept art. The person who posted this on Reddit has been a member of the site for roughly two hours as of 3 am CST, and has only made one post, this one. I show you this image with a heavy disclaimer that it is in no way verified, or otherwise assured as an authentic piece from Blizzard or for the Titan project. With that disclaimer said, here is a link to the much larger image. Look for some analysis of the image after the break.

[Update: As has been pointed out on the Reddit page, the art is a fake, or at least it’s allegation of it being Blizzard art. It appears the majority of the basis for the piece is this work. Unless Titan is a work based on the Marvel comics universe, it is pretty heavily debunked.]

I took a look at this on my big desktop monitor, in order to get some more detail on it. The first things that strike me are the major elements of the image. We have a seemingly massive being that is holding a world and it’s moon in the palm of it’s hand. The first thing I thought when I saw this was that is looked Titanic.. like a member of the Pantheon in WoW lore, a massive celestial being holding a world of the Twisting Nether in it’s hands. I am in no way saying this is definitely what it is, but that is what it struck me as.

Now, if this is the concept work, there are a few things I want to note. First, almost all of the concept art from Blizzard, as found in all of the art books and the massive Art of Blizzard book I have on my desk, have the signature of the artist and the date made. This has neither.(It has been pointed out there is a part of a signature in the lower right, dating to 2006) As well, most internal art that is not meant for release doesn’t have the Blizzard logo on it. In addition, the Blizzard logo seems to be a very low res addition to a fairly well done piece of art. I am sure Blizzard would have put a logo on it that is just as decent res as the art itself, if they were releasing it.

Again, I am in no way saying this is or is not a true Blizzard art piece, I am am just presenting it with both sides of the argument, and some analysis thrown in for good measure. Tell me folks, do you think this is real? Let me know in the comments!

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