Considering the Fate of Garrosh Hellscream

Ending Garrosh Hellscream
Garrosh Hellscream has had many different faces in the history of Warcraft lore. The earliest mention of him in the lore timeline was as a sickly child in Garadar during the book Beyond the Dark Portal by Christie golden and where he was visited by Kargath Bladefist who had returned from the defeat on Azeroth, and sought out new warriors for the Horde in a planned new attack on Azeroth.

When we meet him in World of Warcraft, he is a depressed Mag’har  Orc, who feels he has no hope in the shadows of his Father’s mistakes. Thrall finds him and tells him about the good Grom did, and how he saves his people by killing Mannoroth, and brings him back to Orgrimmar. By the time we head to Northrend, Garrosh has gone from borderline depressed to borderline antagonistic. He taunts and even comes to blows with Varian Wrynn in the Violet Citadel when summoned by Rhonin, Jaina and Brann.

It could thus not be surprising to see the uproar, campaigns of “Abesik Kamphire for Warchief” and more in the wake of the revelation in the Cataclysm beta that Garrosh would be assuming the mantle of Warchief. With the events in Cataclysm, a few redeeming qualities were found, and a new found hope grew that Garrosh Hellscream was not the predictable hotheaded jerk we all thought him to be. Then came Theramore,  the mana bomb, and the world changed. Since the days after Tides of War came out, more and more Horde players who have bled for their faction are heard calling for the fall of Garrosh.

Are you an Alliance player who wants to plant a banner in his broken body? A loyal hordie standing up for the honor of your Horde? I wonder, friends, what do you want to be the fate of Garrosh?

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