Caging Azeroth – Special Circumstance Captures

Battle Pets. Pokewow. Whatever you call this new minigame within World of Warcraft, there has been numerous sites and resources launched in concert with this new feature which launched with the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Not only do we have the usual pets we see in the world, but there are special pets that require certain circumstances to even spawn, never mind capture. Today I am going to highlight a few pets that require special circumstances to be able to battle them.

Baby Ape – This little guy, which is a similar model to the Bananas pet you get from the TCG, was one fo the first pets that caught my eye. The ape has a really special circumstance wherein it must be raining on Jaguero Isle, on the east side of the Cape of Stranglethorn, in order for this pet to even spawn, and if you want a rare, you best hope you get lucky because the rain could be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as half an hour, and the weather on the Isle is independent of the weather in the rest of the zone, so you may just find yourself spending a lot of time above the trees on Jaguero. Requires a minimum of level 9.

Restless Shadeling – This undead pet is found in Deadwind Pass, home to Karazhan, which is not at all surprising considering the sheer creepiness factor of this pet. Looking very similar to the companion you get when you have the Haunted Momento in your bags, the Restless Shade can only be found in the Master’s Cellar, the entrance to which is located at roughly 48, 78 of the zone. Either stairwell down will get you into the cellar. Much like the Baby Ape, the Restless Shade only spawns at a special time, roughly between midnight and 9 am server time. Requires a minimum of level 17.

Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling – This awesome seadragon turtle pet is, as one might guess from it’s name, only available from the Turtle Beach area in Krasarang wilds. Using a similar model to the Spiny Terrapin pet, the special thing about the Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling is the rumored connection of these hatchlings to the turtle Shen-zin Su, known to us as the Wandering Isle. The Wandering Festival Hatchling only spawns during the weekly Wanderer’s Festival, which runs between 9 and 11 pm on your server time. To find the location of their spawn, look for the big Status of Liu Lang, or just go North and a little bit East of the Angler’s Wharf. Requires a minimum of level 23.

Next time I will give you a few tips on how you can find rare spawn or hard to get pets.

Thank you to Kristin Marshall, new writer for WoW Insider, for help with makign the screen shot.

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