All Things Azeroth #331 – All’s Faire in Raid and War

All Things Azeroth, your World of Warcraft Podcast, returns as Medros and Rho are back, joined by Kevin of the Darkmoon Herald, as they talk about the 5.2 LFR wipe buff, scenarios for both sides, PvP win trading and more

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2 Responses to All Things Azeroth #331 – All’s Faire in Raid and War

  1. SBAMatt says:

    Good show, but not impressed with your guest host’s comments about how Horde Pallys have to be “The most effeminate race in the game?” Hate women and gays much? Not secure in your manhood? Are you one of those pugs who go into dungeons screaming “fag” and “gay” all the time and kick me when I tell you to knock it off? Very lame, dude.

  2. KevinOldsctach says:

    Nope, not at all. I am none of those things that you have attacked me with. I am however sorry that you took offense to my offhanded comment and did not mean any insult by it. It is truly tragic that there are player who throw derogatory words around in the game like there are zero consequences or real life people on the other side of the computer, and that you and I have had multiple negative experiences in game because of people’s lack of tolerance or maturity. And yes I have also been kicked from groups and have a very long ignore list because I do not tolerate that kind of language when I play either.

    I do not consider the word effeminate to be a derogatory term. If I came off as a homophobic asshat, then that was as far from my intentions as possible and the fact that one of my most beloved toons (was my raid main tank for most of Lich King) was my Blood Elf male Paladin.

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