We Asked, You Answered: New Year’s WoW Resolutions

Every week we’re asking our listeners a different question, and we received so many responses for the last one that we couldn’t use them all on the show.

When it comes to New Year’s WoW resolutions, here’s what our Twitter followers have planned for 2013…

@Chaos5061 Not a resolution but more of a hope that I can earn enough gold to get the Yak mount this year.

@Hidasan To finally get Vial of the Sands! πŸ™‚

@ShaofHappiness To spread more and more love! {β—• β—‘ β—•}

@VicktomonHorde I will start raiding

@Runestones_EOA It was to remember to take screenshots for the guild’s progression kills.
Unfortunately we already broke it πŸ™

@JHarrowell Tie up all of those half finished achievements!

@LadyMayanna To clean out my bank of all the things I haven’t needed in years.

@idina2011 To finally have enough time to play wow and get to 90

@BesoYT To be more dedicated to my gold making. I go in and out of phasesΒ where I get too lazy to keep up with AH junk like a baddie πŸ˜›

@Shadowful To finally get off my ass and get Loremaster.

@Rygarius Go into a partnership with Budd to start a chain of coffee vendors across Azeroth called BuddBucks.

@jdsaphir 1980×1024? :p Seriously though, get my violet protodrake mount! πŸ™‚

@spinninzen to finally be in a raiding group!

@RzBG to pull my i level and dps up by its bootstraps and raid with the fab folks of immune to psychology! πŸ™‚

@QueenofHaiku New Year’s WoW Resolution: Finally gonna roll a Pandaren! πŸ˜€

@Moogyver To finally get into LFR

@espikey01 to get my dailies done daily πŸ™‚

@The_Elizabella To level my panda to 90 and maybe start healing raids with her. A DK can dream right?

@CalmPanda I would like to help many more of the non pandaren’s on pandaria find calm and serenity…

@soulseared to focus less on what I haven’t achieved and focus more on what I have.

@spiderkav To play more with my Battletag / RealID friends

@SoCalWoWGal Get one toon to max lvl, been playing over a year and my highest toon is only lvl 77, maybe I am playing with too many alts

@Ionnianna To get a battle pet team to 25.

@AirlinaHunter short term – get ‘double agent’ achievement. Mid term – get Violet Protodrake. Long term – get one of each race to 90. Make that every race except worgen #longstory

@TeunPronk Don’t have one but now to think it. Probably getting my warrior(85) ,paladin(85) , dk(86) and warlock(78) up to 90. :3

@Legracen I resolve to finally figure out how to make gold without dailies!

@Willy_Foss To become more involved in wow community. Podcasts, blogs, and Twitter , oh my!

@DKDiaries Getting Insane in the Membrane before the end of the year.

@Darrow21 Mine is to do more than just spending all my energy on dailies.

@RTJeff88 level all classes to 90, max 1 of each prof and own 1 of every pet. Have my main running all current raid tiers.

@Kelsenella Β to attempt to begin raiding again doubt that will happen though

@rpandagirl finish all the 5.0 and 5.1 reps

@amijadethelock My resolution is to start playing my alts again. I’ve been having too much fun on my main and they’ve been neglected

@Musapean My New Years WoW resolution would have to be to decide on 2 characters and stick with only them throughout the year.

@nevikjames Pry myself away from D3 long enough to at least produce a Postcards From Azeroth every day. Kinda failed over the holidays πŸ™

@bullet_atf getting a horde to 90 so i can see the other side of the story

@The_Breja Finally find a raiding team again, get Kev@BKCrafting to transfer, and find more time to play “All The Games”

@melynir Getting all of my 19 alts to max level! XD

@Jangasm My WoW resolution is to get my Zookeeper Title!

@yinxy to get a Horde toon to 90.

@MissMulgra My resolution is to turn all the Orc peons into proper citizens who don’t just sneak off to sleep all the time.


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