2013 All Things Azeroth Pet Battle Tournament

When: Saturday February 16th from 10 AM to 10 PM server time(EST)
Where: The farm near the portals of Stormwind
How: Make a low level human character, there will be rides from Northshire Abby for those who need.
What: Pet Battle Tournament

We will have several ranks of pet battles, with specialty phases such as 1v1, 2v2, and Family based ranks.

1-4        All pets in the battle must be between levels 1 and 4.
5-9        All pets in the battle must be between levels 5 and 9.
10-14   All pets in the battle must be between levels 10 and 14.
15-19   All pets in the battle must be between levels 15 and 19.
20-24   All pets in the battle must be between levels 20 and 24.
25      All pets in the battle must be level 25.
1v1     Team must comprise a single level 25 pet, and two level 1 pets.(level 1 pets cannot be self resurecting)
2v2     Team must comprise two level 25 pets, and a single level 1 pet.(level 1 pets cannot be self resurecting)
Family  All pets on your team must belong to the same pet family, and you will be matched against someone with pets from the same family.

Each rank and battle option will have a victor, which will be awarded a prize of.. a battle pet!
1-4: Lil XT
5-9: Imperial Silkworm
10-14: Imperial Silkworm
15-19: Terrible Turnip
20-24: Imperial Silkworm
25: Sapphire Cub
Family: Rare pet of your family type.
2v2: Terrible Turnip
1v1: Jade Owl

Rules: You may change pets out as long as they still qualify for the tournament aspect you have signed up for. For family based aspect, there will be one winner per family, except where less than 2 people have entered. If less than 2 people entered for the respective family, you will be pitted against someone of another family, which is neither a + or – to your chosen family, and vice versa.

We look forward to having you all come out. If you would like to put your name in to enter the tournament, please fill out this form. We will see you there!

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7 Responses to 2013 All Things Azeroth Pet Battle Tournament

  1. DeGei says:

    You do not gain experience from pet battles in which you challenge someone face to face, only through queue up for a random PvP battle do you gain XP.

    • Theodata says:


      Thanks for that bit of info. I did not know that. Upon reflection, I realized that no XP is perfect for our tournament because, otherwise, you risk leveling out of your playing bracket during the event.


  2. Makare of Proudmoore says:


    Are you still making alts on different realms and handing out pets? I didn’t have the nerve to ask when you offered in the at first. Thx!

  3. jamie says:

    Human characters only? (Just checking since I’m planning to roll an alt on this server for the tourney.) Thanks, jamie

    • Theodata says:

      Hi Jamie

      I believe the instructions for human characters is for those folks who will be rolling an alt just for this event. The human starting zone is the most convenient to Stormwind for ferrying level 1s.

      If you don’t want to be human then you need to allow enough time to get to Stormwind on your own power.


  4. Mconniff says:

    I have made the incredible journey from the Azuremyst Isle to the grand Castle of Stormwind. My journey was long and adventurous, I shall enjoy this pet battle.

    The Wayward Priest

  5. Medros says:

    Jamie, Rides will only be provided from Northshire Abbey. If you make a non human and make your own way, feel free to.

    Advisory: A decision on the tournament will be made on the 10th, based on sign ups.

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