Retail Jinglepockets

Winter Veil includes several very dressed up goblin vendors. They aren’t a huge part of the holiday festivities, and I figure that most players barely look at their names. They just talk to them, buy the stuff they need, and move on.

Blizzard didn’t have to put much effort into giving these little green NPC’s their names, but they did it anyway. The ones that sell stuff to Alliance races all have the surname “Jinglepockets”. It is clear they are part of the same family, but I’ve no idea how, exactly, they are related to each other. Are they siblings? Cousins? Have some of them married into the family and taken the Jinglepockets name? I’ve no idea.

Someone on Twitter (forgive me, I cannot recall who it was), pointed out that the Winter Veil vendor goblins have been given first names that all fit a specific theme. They have been named after “in real life” retail stores! Of course, the spelling isn’t exactly the same. Somehow, it seems fitting that goblin NPCs, whose entire purpose is to sell stuff during Winter Veil, are named after actual stores.





Bessbi:Best Buy


Macy’s image by Tim Pearce on Flickr
Walmart image by CMG0220 on Flickr
Kohl’s image by Daniel Oines on Flickr
Gucci image by Queen Bee on Flickr
Best Buy image by Clive Darra on Flickr
Walgreens image by Phillip Pessar on Flickr

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