Patch 5.1 goes live November 27th

We here at All Things Azeroth have received confirmation from Blizzard that the 5.1 patch will go live tomorrow, Tuesday November 27th. This patch will bring the might of the Horde and Alliance to the shores of Pandaria, with bases being built up on either end of Krasarang Wild’s beaches. We will also see:

  • Gear Upgrades via Justice, Valor, Conquest, and Honor points
  • Battle Pet Stones to upgrade your pets
  • New pets dropping from bosses in the original vanilla raids
  • Easier rep gain in Pandaria with Grand Commendations which double rep account wide and can be bought at Revered.
  • The Brawler’s Guild
  • 4 new scenarios: A Little Patience, Dagger int he Dark, Domination Point, Lion’s Landing
  • and more!

Reminder, Blizzard has Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria on sale now! Enjoy the patch in the morning, and we will see you for the show tonight with special guest Moogyver!

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