Announcing the Third Host

Before the announcement, I want to thank all of those who expressed interest, and considered the chance to join ATA. I do hope we will see some segment creators and round table guests come from many of you who sent in emails. You are all great folks, and it was really a struggle between Rho and I to decide on the person to fill in this third spot on the show.

When I was informed by Shade that she would have to leave the show or find those mysterious and elusive extra hours in the day, I struggled for awhile to think about who might be a good fit for the show. I knew that much like other podcasts, I would need to fill Shade’s shoes with 2 hosts, because let’s be honest, Shade is just that incredible. I hope we can see her on ATA again soon in a guest host role at least once or twice.

After the time spent working with Rho for the MoP launch event, I was pretty sure I knew I had in him someone who was passionate about WoW and the podcasting community surrounding it, what with the Realm Maintenance podcast being such a quick hit in the community. When it came to the second person, though, it was a bit trickier. I thought of a few people, but all of them had prior obligations, or like Shade, had no time, to do a show.

Last week, on episode number 318, we had on a guest who Rho was familiar with, and who had video and podcast experience. Also, she brought a level of experience in the game that is hard to match. I hope you will all join me in welcoming Nananea to the show as the third host of the new era of All Things Azeroth.

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