The “An end is a beginning” Intro Contest!

Tonight we had Shade’s final episode of ATA, and announced one of the new Co Hosts, Rho of the Realm Maintenance podcast. While we are deeply saddened to see Shade move on to bigger and better things, and hope we can see her back on occasion to talk WoW, we welcome Rho and a future decided second co-host with open arms and look forward to covering the great news in the wide World of Warcraft we all love.

With Shade’s departure, many, if not all of our old intros are now out of date, and we will need new ones to fit the new crew. So, we thought, why not do a contest and give out some awesome prizes! The way we will do this contest will be a bit different, with a little bit different way of doing prizes. Please email your entries to

The number of entries we have will decide what prizes we have to give out. If we have 5 entries, the prizes available to be won will be a Pearl of Pandaria graphic novel and a WoW battle chest, to separate winners. If we have 10 entries, we will add in a Chen megabloks for a third winner. If we have 15 intros entered, we will bump it up just a bit to add in a Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition! We do ask you keep your intros to 2 minutes or less, and the winners will be decided by the crew based on quality.

While we have not decided on the third slot for the show, we hope to announce this soon, so if you want to hold off on final submission until we do, feel free. The tentative deadline for entries will be December 10th, though we may extend if needed. Thank you for your entries, and we look forward to bringing you some really amazing and fun shows going forward!

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