Following the Pugs

I tend to be very easily distracted by random things as I am playing WoW. For example, whenever I find a pug dog running around, I follow it. Where is it going? Why is it going there? Where in Azeroth is the owner of the pug? This is a concise explanation as to why I don’t have any characters that are max level. You don’t earn any experience points by following around random, cute, pets.

Who could resist a face like that?

Otto von Chubbs belongs to a little human girl named Dylan. Her house is located just outside of Stormwind City, out by the lake.

Every so often, Dylan will turn and run around the back of the house, and then return to this spot. Her faithful pug, Otto von Chubbs, follows her until it is time to run around the house again. Perhaps Dylan has found a way to pass the time until her parents return home. Absolutely no one is inside her house!

Fei Fei belongs to Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell. You can find them both in Honor Hold, in Helfire Peninsula. According to WoWWiki, Fei Fei started out life as a darkly colored wolf, but was changed into a Perky Pug in patch 4.0.1. There is a quest called Digging for Prayer Beads that Fei Fei is involved with.

Crithto was added to the game in Patch 4.0.6. This is the pug I used to happily follow around Stormwind City as he traveled along the canals between the Dwarven District and Stormwind Keep. He moved really fast, preventing me from getting a good screenshot of him.

In Patch 5.0.4, Crithto became a level 91 Elite pug, (that is attackable by both Horde and Alliance). He now can be found running up and down the hallways inside Stormwind Keep, just as fast as ever. His path now takes him around in a circle through the castle gardens and up and down the hallways nearby it.

Crithto is named after the Community team member of the same name, whose avatar on the WoW forums is of a Perky Pug. You can see in the screenshots I took that Crithro was carrying a bone in his mouth. I’ve heard he can also spawn wearing a bow on his head, or a fez (but I haven’t seen it myself yet).

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