A Sad Announcement

We here at All Things Azeroth are sad to announce that episode 317, recording on October 29th, will be Shades last show as a regular co host. We hope to have her back as an occasional guest host, but we will say good bye to her with a truly epic, and awesome podcast next Monday. Please join us live to say good bye to our longest running, and most fantastic co host to date on Shade’s Final Show. Shades replacement will be announced at the end of that episode. Thank you for reading.

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3 Responses to A Sad Announcement

  1. Anbraxas says:

    This is sad news indeed

  2. Darkona says:

    Ah, a very sad sad day indeed. We will miss the “giggle” and all the wonderful insights and lore information that Shade brought us. Shade will truly be missed.

  3. Ron says:

    Shadesogrey you are a terrific podcaster. You bring fun, excitement, knowledge and lore to All things Azeroth – and you will be missed. Also, the mention of your home located in the side of a mountain is intriguing! With the talent you have, you will find success in whatever you choose – but that voice, your laughter, and quick as a whip thinking is to die for. Best of luck!

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