Panda Night Launch Broadcast!

On Monday night, gamers around the world will be waiting eagerly for the clock to strike 12 midnight, and they can venture forth to Pandaria. All Things Azeroth is proud to bring you a broadcast for those who have returned from the midnight launches in their city, and for the many who chose the digital versions of Mists of Pandaria. This is Panda Night: Bring on the Pandamonium.

The event begins at 7:30 PM CST, when the pre show music will begin for All Things Azeroth. The broadcast of the pre recorded episode will begin at 8 PM, with trivia included. After the show, there will be some post show banter and music, followed at 10 PM CST with the beginning of the official Pandamonium event.

Medros will be joined by many other WoW community members to talk about the excitement and news leading up to Panda Day. With the hope of calls from midnight launches across North America, almost a dozen prizes to give away in 4 hours, and much much more. We invite you to tune in live Monday, September 24th for.. PANDAMONIUM!

Thank you to Blizzard, the folks at MegaBloks,,, Audible and others for their support and help in making this event a success.

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