300th episode contests [Updated]

There have been MAJOR changes to the contests. Please read below!

300 episodes is a lot for any podcast. Soon this show will have it’s 300th episode, in fact the planned recording is July 2nd, and we want to reward our listeners. We have 3 contests planned, with more possible based on availability of prizes. Look below for the contests.

Contest #1 – Intro

Make us an intro. You can make an intro that is specific to episode 300, but there must be a version that is not episode specific. The best intro we have will win a Heart of the Aspects mount A WoW Monopoly Collector’s Edition board game(or the equivalent of $50 USD if the winner is outside of the USA). The Second Place will win a Soul of the Aspects pet! That’s right, now there will be two winners! All entrants waive the right to charge royalty or exert copyright once submitted. Please email entries to Show@allthingsazeroth.com.

Contest #2 – Grats!

Send us an MP3 giving your well wishes for episode 300 via email to Show@allthingsazeroth.com, or leave us a voicemail on the voicemail line: 1-785-282-9695! This will be a random drawing of all sent in. A few of the more creative will be played during the show, the rest at the end of the recorded show. The winner of this contest will win a Soul of the Aspects pet code! their choice of a Gryphon or Wyvern hatchling plushie(Or $35 USD value if outside of the USA)! The runner up will win a Sand Scarab pet from the new WoW TCG Expansion Tomb of the Forgotten! Yes, another two winner contest!

Contest #3 – Trivia

We will do our usual trivia, but Shade will have a very hard trivia question, and the winner will receive a Sand Scarab pet from the new WoW TCG Expansion Tomb of the Forgotten A Murloc plushie from the Blizzard store! (Or a $20 USD value item if outside USA) The second winner will win a random loot code from the awesome Shade! What? THREE double winners? And there is MORE?


We will add more contests as we get more prizes, or add extra winners to the ones above. Good luck, and see you for Episode 300!

Contest #4 – Twitter

This one could not be simpler! Follow @AllThingsAz on twitter! This will be chosen the afternoon of July 2nd, so be sure to follow by noon CST on July 2nd! The winner will receive a Heart of the Aspects mount!

Contest #5 – Facebook

This one is just as easy! Like the All Things Azeroth fan page on Facebook! This will be chosen the afternoon of July 2nd, so be sure to like by noon CST on July 2nd! The winner will receive a WoW store mount of your choice courtesy of Doghouse Systems! (use the code BACON to get a $25 Jinx code with your gaming rig purchase!)

All Contests ABOVE have a deadline of Saturday, June 30th, 11:59pm CST(aka DawnForge Time) unless otherwise stated.

Special contest! Email in your answer to the following trivia question: When did All Things Azeroth launch? Email your entry to messages@allthingsazeroth.com. Thw winner will receive their choice of a $30 or less valued Figurine from the Blizzard Store!(or $40 USD value if outside the USA) By submitting your entry you agree to allow All Things Azeroth and Dawnforge to contact you on occasion with special sponsor messages and occasional podcast related news. This contest will run until July 31st.

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