Holiday 2011 Contest

It is time again for a contest! In order to enter, you need to email the answer to this question to us: “If you could ask the WoW Devs anything for Christmas/Winters Veil, what would it be?” Email it to by December 31st at 10:10pm CST. We will announce the winners on January 2nd on the live show, and have the prizes sent out to the winners asap.

1st place: Deathy FigurePrints Statuette or a 4XL Blizzcon 2011 World of Warcraft T-Shirt
2nd place: Whichever item the 1st place winner does not take
3rd place: Woven Blizzard 20th Anniversary Beanie

EU Winner: A Blizzard store pet code

Good luck everyone!


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