Testing the theory of gathered leveling

While on Heroes of Lordaeron on the 30th of July, one of our members, Shalifi, was expressing concern about the amount of xp gained from archaeology. This caused me to consider a possible idea, to really test out a theory. The idea is this: Roll a Death Knight, get him/her out of the starting experience, and once you get to a city you learn Herbalism, Mining, and Archaeology, and do no further quests. You then proceed to level those 3 professions until either a) you cannot gain any further xp from any profession in the area you are at, or until you have leveled as high as you can without ‘grinding’ to get enough xp to get high enough to learn the next level.

My newly rolled DK, Miamun of Norgannon, will be leveling without outside XP bonuses, gold, or other aids in getting your toon higher, faster. I will not be joining any guild to avoid any xp or herb boosts, and all professions will have to be trained from the profits of the professions themselves. I will keep you updated and write a lengthy analysis on the project when it is completed.

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  1. FN says:

    I am sure someone already said this but gathering professions such as mining/herbalism will level a toon incredibly quick but the xp provided is based on the level of the toon and the node gathered. Your DK was getting low XP due to the fact that you were in the 50’s but farming “low level nodes’.

    To get a more accurate test, start with a low level toon and level by gathering or keep raising your gathering levels on your DK and see what level appropiate nodes will get you.

    I leveled a druid who had mining/herbalism and out of the XP gained from 1-85 I am willing to bet that a significant portion came from professions.

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