Preview of 8 new 4.2 hunter pets and their taming secrets!

Hey All Things Azeroth! This is TheDoomcookie here to tell you just how
much Blizzard loves Hunters! First of all, they’re giving us a new
cooking recipe,  Kibler’s Bits! These awesome little pet snacks will
make our pets larger in size for five minutes. *devilsaur rawr* What’s
that, Krush? You’re super excited about this? I am too!
Anyway, another
thing hunters get in 4.2 is Flintlocke’s Woodchucker, a new scope that
lets us shoot angry CRITTERS at our enemies!  *another devilsaur rawr*
No Krush, you cannot eat the critters. *devilsaur dieing rawr*
But wait,
we have ONE MORE THING of pure AWESOME that Blizzard is treating us
with: NEW PETS! That’s right, Blizzard have put in eight new pets JUST
for us hunters to tame, and I’m here to tell you what we know about ’em!

First of all, these are NOT going to be normal tames. Blizzard even
stated in the patch notes that these tames will provide hunters with a
challenge to be able to tame them, so let’s go over each pet, describe
them, and talk about every challenge they provide. There are three
spirit beasts and five spiders.

First let’s talk about the three spirit beasts:

Ban’thalos: owl spirit beast
Spawns: Waaaaaaaay above the sanctuary of Malorne.
Difficulties while taming: He flies very very high up, but is not aggressive.
What you should have on your bar: Tame Beast, Freezing Trap
What prevents the tame: Your death
Best way to tame him: Fly just a little bit above the statue of
malorne’s head, and when Ban’thalos flies close enough for you to shoot
him, do so. You’ll land on top of the statue’s head without taking ANY
fall damage. Lay down a freezing trap right away and tame as soon as he
is in range.

Magria and Ankha: tiger spirit beasts. Magria is blue, Ankha is white
Spawns: The Regrowth
Difficulties while taming: Their attacks scale with the amount of armor you have
What you should have on your bar: Tame Beast, and an equipment manager
set that removes all of your armor (you can keep on tabards, shirts,
weapons, rings, and trinkets)
What prevents the tame: Your death
Best way to tame: Remove all of your armor and tame.
Notes: Ankha and Magria alternate spawns. As far as we know, one cat will not spawn twice in a row.

Now off to the spiders:

Skitterflame: Red lava spider (not unique)
Spawn: Lava pool at fireplume.
Difficulties while taming: Mobs..
Prevents your tame: He is to hot for you to tame him so you have to cool him down.
What you should have on your bar: Freezing trap, Concussive Shot, Deterrence and Tame.
Best way to tame him: Kill ALL the mobs around him, you don’t want them
agroing you or going into the trap you meant for skitter. Place a
freezing trap, then if you want you can wait for CD to go off. Pull with
a CS and hit esc immediately to prevent you from breaking your own
trap. Move farther up and once he breaks your trap place another one
down. Once he hits 20% he is tamable so hit disengage if needed (careful
not to fly off.. maybe.. not recommended) and use CS, deterrence and
How he dies: Once he reaches 0% on the second bar so its extremely
important to break him out of the trap once he gets tamable! Reset if

Anthriss: Yellow lava spider (not unique)
Spawn: She spawns near the path to the spiders where Rags reach is. She’s hard to miss really..
Difficulties while taming: The molten giant… kill him.
What you should have on your bar: Deterrence and tame.
What prevents your tame: Her webbing you and you dying first before the tame is done.
Best way to tame her: Go to the lava pool that has the rock in it. Once
you are swimming, hit deterrence and tame. That should prevent you from
getting webbed.
Notes: Fire resistance gear is a good idea

Solix: Orange lava spider
Spawns: Igneous Depths in a lava pool as you come in on the right side.
Difficulties while taming: The lava can hit you while you are kiting and
stun you. Also if someone is on that quests the mobs can will agro you
causing you to get stunned and putting you in combat, making it hard to
eat to regain health. Also has LOS issues.
What you should have on your bar: Ice trap, CS, deterrence.
What prevents the tame: He is to fast for your tame to go off.
Best way to tame him: Put down your ice trap near his ramp. Wait until
your cooldown is up and then pull with a CS. Make sure that he goes the
way you want him to, if you jump the gun and are already on the ramp to
the next section he will bypass the the ramp and go the other way.
Making him miss your trap. Hit him with CS and ice trap until he is at
40%, once he gets to 40% you can tame him. Hit Concussive Shot, and
deterrence then tame away.
How he dies:Once he gets to 0% “focus” he will die. So reset him if you will not finish the tame in time.
Note: You will see a grey dot named Solix long before you enter the
cave, so entering is not necessary to check. If you don’t see the dot
he’s not there.

Kirix: Green lava spider
Spawn: The furnace
Difficulties while taming: He charges you and breaks your tame a lot..
frequent air miles.. he paths through the left side of the furnace and
is extremely fast. Watch his pathing and choose a good position.
What prevents your tame: Your death and his charges
What you should have on your bar/on: Concussive Shot, deterrence, aspect
of the wild, any nature resist gear you have, haste pots, ancient

time warp
Best way to tame him: Still working on it

Deth’tilac: purple and blue lava spider
Spawn: The small rock pillars by forlorn spire
Difficulties while taming: He will reset if you cut a corner to close
and you cant see him. Also the time it takes to kite him and having
other people try to “help” or hunters trying to steal your tame. Getting
agro on the spiders around there.
Debuff/buff: Deth strike will one shot you if he gets close to you. It
does have a cast time so you do have time to try and get out of range by
using Concussive Shot, trap, or having a sacrifice.
Prevents your tame: Molten will: Must be at low health to tame
What you should have on your bar: Snake trap, ice trap, explosive trap,
Concussive Shot, tame beast, disengage, revive pet, tame.
Ways to tame him: Long kite, friend/pet sacrifices, or a lot of snake
traps. (for more information on this tame and the others visit the
Petopia forums)

Well, there you have it! I don’t know about you, but I’m sure excited for this to get on live! Happy hunting!!

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