Name my Worgen Druid

having waited 3 hours for the Priestly Cataclysm preview, with no love as yet, I have decided to put a call out to you all. I need a name for my future Worgen Druid. I was thinking of just going with a Victorian era name, but I suspect anything remotely decent is long since gone. So, I thought I would put it out there for the listeners. The name I choose, or the closest one to what I go with, will win an Authenticator and 5 bonus entries in the Retweet contest!

Here are the ground rules. It cannot be a reference to the Twilight series, it cannot be a reference to a cheesey 80’s werewolf movie, and it has to follow RP naming rules and conventions. The name, or one similar to it, must be available to reserve on my home realm. There is no limit on entries, because it’s not a /roll but a quality and suitability factor I am going on. I look foward to what some of you are able to come up with! Good luck!

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