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Hello everybody(hello Dr. N… err, nm)

We here at All Things Azeroth love to give stuff away, love the excitement of holding  contests, and so therefore, guess what? We have another contest. Running from today,  the 15th of March, until the 15th of April, we are doing a Retweet contest. Several  times a day, we will send out a tweet on the official @allthingsaz twitter account  for the show. If you retweet it, the original message not the retweet of someone else, you get entered into the draw. The format of the retweet should be “RT @allthingsaz” followed by the message you are retweeting including the hashtag #ATART2win.

You can enter once per day, and each day a person will get the chance to ‘double up’ so to speak and get double the entries. The way this works is that they will have 85 minutes from the time they are tweeted about to reply to the very simple trivia question posed to them. If they get the question right, they will get an extra entry for the day, if not, they stay at their 1 entries. If they fail to answer right, or in time, the question will go out for the steal to the public audience. The “Double Upper” can be any time in the day, so stay tuned to the twitter account, and you must have entered during the day it is for in order to win it!

In order to participate, you must follow the All Things Azeroth twitter account from the time you first retweet, until the end of the contest. If you unfollow, your previous entries will be marked invalid. Don’t worry, there won’t be too many updates. The winners will be contacted to give an opportunity to accept their prize on the show via a call on Skype either pre recorded, or live on the show. The winners will be announced on the 190th episode of All Things Azeroth recorded on April 19th.

Now, for the prizes! The first prize will be

  • a Gryphon or Wind Rider plushie
  • a Murloc plushie
  • an authenticator
  • a copy of the Stormrage novel, written by Richard Knaak(courtesy listener Sayomara)
  • 2 months of game time
  • a Gryphon pet code courtesy Lou Gagliardi
  • a Charge of the Dragon Flights Epic Stein courtesy of Taverncraft

The second place prize will be

  • a murloc plushie
  • an authenticator
  • a $30 USD gift code for Amazon courtesy listener Hasteur
  • a $15 Jinx gift code
  • 1 month of WoW Game Time

I want to thank everyone for listening, for joining us in the live show, and for supporting All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft podcast.

[Update 2: Thanks to Sayomara, we have now 2 months of WoW game time for prize package #1, and a Horde license plate frame for prize #2! Thank you for your generosity]

[Update: The first prize got a Gryphon pet code from the plushie Lou Gagliardi won, and the Second prize got an addition in the form of a $30 gift code for Amazon to buy the Warcraft Archive and such thanks to Hasteur!]

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