Major Announcement

As many of you are aware, I put out a call a few weeks ago for two positions. The first that of show editor. Graece has been editing the show almost since she took up the co-host role in October of 2008, and I felt she could use a break from that as her life has gotten busier and busier over time. The second position was a third co host so that even if one host was not available, there would still be a 2 host show to allow for better flow in the dialogue.

A few weeks ago, I came to an arrangement with Shawn “Level 85 Fireball” Thorpe, the husband of our Chatroom moderator and creator of the Back 2 Basics segment on the show, in which he now edits the show. The past 3 or 4 episodes were edited by him, and I must say that they are great edits, much like I knew he would do based on the number of shows of his own he does, and his skill in the editing suite he uses. I hope you will all welcome him warmly to the team, and thank him for his hard work.

The third co-host position was a bit harder to fill. I had a few people who have guest hosted before in mind, and had hoped that one of them would be able to step up, give a couple hours a week, and fill the role. It wasn’t until the most recent issue that someone stepped up as guest co-host, and later offered to become the ‘third chair’ as we are calling it.

Anne “Shadesogrey” Stickney, known as Shade to the listening audience, has gotten smash reviews, lots of amazing fan letters, and been an overall big hit amongst the listeners. When she offered after episode 185 to fill the third chair, I was overjoyed, because I know that the majority of the audience will be very, very happy to have her, and the staff has expressed a lot of excitement to have another person on staff. I have offered Shade the third chair, and she has happily accepted it. If you are in the live show you know this already, but if you are not, then you will be hearing this on the downloaded episode out in a few days.

I hope you all will welcome both Shawn and Anne to the show and staff of All Things Azeroth, and I look forward to working with both of them to bring the show to a whole new level!

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