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As many of you may not know, doing a weekly 1 hour or so podcast is not an easy thing to put together, even with 3 people on staff. Jen does awesome at her segment and moderating the chat room, and Graece does a spectacular job editing the show for someone who has several part time jobs and a very busy life. I do a lot of research and planning, as well as working full time, and trying to fit other things like a girlfriend and my photography in. Oh, and we all rtry to get some WoW time in here and there.

It is for this reason that we are looking to expand our staff. First, we need someone who can edit the shows and do a great job. Graece and I will, as always, edit ourselves as best we can before uploading the shows for the editor/producer, but it could still take a bit for the person who fills this role to complete it. I would estimate 5-6 hours a week. I would of course show the person how I edit the show, though the person to fill this role would likely need to have their own full featured application for editing audio that has the major aspects like multi track editing, splicing, and so on. Those who apply for this role will get several sample audio clips and be asked to produce a show from them. Please email your info to medros@allthingsazeroth.com.

The next role is of a third co host. As some of you may have noticed, there has been times when there has only been one host, and there have been times when ones of the hosts should have been sleeping and resting, instead of trying to do a podcast. In an effort to liven up the show, even when one host is absent, we are looking to add in a third co host. Those applying for this job should have a decent mic, and some experience speaking authoritatively on a subject related to WoW.

I would like to broaden the experience base of the hosts, so someone with PvP experience would be nice, though is not required. the third chair should be occupied by someone who has a decent self recording app, and though Audacity would be acceptable, I would prefer a more full featured application be used. The applicants for this post should send at least a 10 minute recording of themselves in the form of a segment, which may be played on ATA, with feedback given by community members. Applicants should express their interest in the form of an email to show@allthingsazeroth.com.

Thank you all for your interest. If your skills do not fall in these two categories, but feel you can still be a part of the team, let me know how at medros@allthingsazeroth.com and we can talk! See ya on the show!

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