Predicting the unpredictable Blizzard

As I write this, early in the morning on Friday, October 2nd, the Public Test Realms for patch 3.3 have just begun, and the datamining sites have begun their hunt for goodies in the PTR data files. From Dwarven Totems, to an inner preview of the Icecrown Raid, the sites are chock full of 3.3 goodness. Another thing the sites and twitter are full of is ‘when will it go live’. Well, this post is your chance to get your predictions in now. When do you think patch 3.3 will go live? Patch 3.2 was on the PTR for 1 month and 12 days. 3.1 was on them for about a week under 2 months. Also, what do you think the release date will mean for patch 4.0 and then the release of Cataclysm? Comment below to get your say!

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3 Responses to Predicting the unpredictable Blizzard

  1. ninvampire says:

    I’m thinking 3.3 will drop December 1st although I could see November 17th as a possibilty as well. As for Cataclysm I think q2, say May or June, is very likely.

  2. elfennau says:

    I give it mid-November.

  3. Jenazpod says:

    I’m going to guess that 3.3 will drop the week after the WoW Anniversary day. Which means.. sometime between November 30th, and December 5th.
    My guess is based on the fact that Blizzard will want to give us players something special after the glow from the Anniversary event wears off. And, they won’t want new and returning players, who get WoW WoTLK for Xmas to have to immediately download this new patch (as well as all the other patches) before they can start playing.
    I’m likely wrong, but that’s ok.
    I’m going to predict that Cataclysm will hit sometime between June and July. Why? Not much is going in in WoW at that time, in terms of major world events or festivals. Lots of players will be on summer vacation and have tons of time to play again. And, those that got WoTLK for Xmas will have had enough time to run around in that by then, and might be bored enough to be ready for a new expansion.
    Just a guess! It will be exciting to see what happens.

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