State of the Show

I always hate having to make these posts, because they
usually follow bad stuff coming down the pike. This time I wanted to address a
few things, some good, some bad. First, as you all know, earlier this morning,
and I do emphasize early, All Things Azeroth 133 was released. Recorded on
Monday, August 14th, the show was released a week later than I prefer to see
the shows released after recording. This is due to a Garage Band bug that has
cropped up a few times on Graece’s Mac, and unfortunately I was not able to
devote the time to editing the show myself until Tuesday.

I would like to
say that such a delay between recording and editing won’t happen again, but I
won’t lie to you, friends. I do not know what causes this to happen to Garage
Band, and I don’t have the resources to contact Apple with the needed info to
have them answer with possible solutions and fixes. I do, though, want to move
on, and try to avoid this becoming a week long problem in the future. This is
part of the reason I am making this post.

The front page of ATA has, for
a long time, been a once a week virtual ghost town. I want to change that. I am
therefore putting a request out there for 3 people to be added to the ‘staff’ at
All Things Azeroth. First, I want an audio editor. This person would, at first,
be a back up for Graece’s efforts to bring the show out. The person would need
knowledge of editing Double Enders together, and be able to devote the time
needed to bring the show out with equal or better quality to what we have now.
Second and third, I want to bring on some bloggers. These people would be
responsible for 2-3 posts a week, length not dictated, just that they be quality
posts that can bring readers to the site.

While all three of these would
be unpaid posts with the show, you would, as a person filling these posts, share
in the ad money when money is paid out. Recently Graece and I both got new mics
due to the advertising on the show, and I strongly feel that if we can tighten
up in these two areas, bringing the show out better and sooner, and adding
compelling content to the front of the site, that this will result in more
listeners, and more listeners results in more ad revenue. Other shows have their
publishing within a day or two, if not hours of the show’s release. I am not
sure we can meet the latter option, not without more time in the day, but I
think we can definitely do the former with the right team. Join

Now to the rest of the update. As many in the live show on
the 21st know already, and many of you will hear soon enough, the new mics have
arrived for both me and Graece. Hers is a headset, taking the audio off her Mac,
and mine is a Blue Snowball Condenser Mic which I bought from Stompalina at
Rawrcast. Even in editing my side of the show this week, I was able to tell that
the new mic is totally awesome. It picks up more of what I want it to get, my
voice and the passion in it, and less of the stuff that has been frustrating me,
the background noise in the ‘studio’ here. I fully intend to make this show
totally awesome in sound, and am even considering buying one of these Mic’s for
Graece, if she would have it.

In November we have the National Podcast
Post Month
, were we release 1 episode per day for the entire month. We are
accepting ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on what you would like to hear. Last
year we did the lead up to, and fall out from the launch of Wrath of the Lich
King, which was released partway through the month. It was an exciting and
energizing time, and led to some of the content we have done on the show in the
10 months since. We have lots of plans to execute for the NaPodPoMo this month,
and I want to share a bit with you.

First, we will have a month long
contest on the show which we will announce on Graece’s 1 year anniversary show
in a couple weeks. Second, we have a lot of ‘weekly’ releases planned for the
NaPodPoMo, or AzPod show, including weekly interviews, music shows, and
discussions about the highlights, and little mentioned features of the recently
announced Cataclysm expansion. We might look at how professions have changed,
maybe look over some of the zones we know will change and what we will miss
about them, anything is possible and we will have 30 days to fill! Of course, we
will still do our weekly episodes on Monday nights, with a plan to release them
for the Thursdays. Stay tuned!

The last thing I wanted to mention is the
little thing that you see in the top right hand corner of the site. Thanks to
Shawno of the Hypernonsense podcast, who’s wife Jen(no, not Jena) is our weekly
moderator in the live chats(awesome job, Jen!) we now have a voicemail line.
1-785-ATA-WoW-5, or 1-785-282-9695 is the number ot leave us a voicemail for the
show, and if it’s good, it will get played. If you leave an email saying
anything rude or derogatory, you will be blacklisted, and will waste your money.
Call it, give us your thoughts, and hear yourself on the show!

That is
about it for this novel of an update. I hope to hear from the bloggers and
audiophiles out there, and I also hope to hear from all of you by email,
voicemail, or even carrier pigeon! Take care, happy hunting, See you in…
well… November to Remember!

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