All Things Azeroth #134 – Getting it up(and running)

All Things Azeroth, your World of Warcraft Podcast, is back as Medros and Graece have returned with new gear to discuss the Abyssal Maw, Pirates Day, Brewfest, Outlands in a Cataclysm world, and more

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2 Responses to All Things Azeroth #134 – Getting it up(and running)

  1. Jenazpod says:

    Steve jobs with the “iliver”… this still cracks me up!
    I did notice some improved sound differences when I was listening to the show live, from the chat room. But now, that I’ve heard the recorded… Wow! Awesome sound!
    I, for one, have been having a great time at Brewfest. One of my characters now has the “baby elephant” pet.
    /happydance! Oh, and I agree with Medros’s description of the Wolpertinger. I also have been having lots of fun watching my characters spew green beer across the fest, and playing with the synthbrew goggles.
    The Pirate Day was awesome! So silly. I’m having a great time in WoW this week!

  2. Medros says:

    Glad the new mic is working well in it’s role of improving the audio quality of the show. 🙂

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