Upcoming alterations

Hey everyone,

While these coming few weeks will be a rough one for me,
and the show, I did want to let you know what’s going on. So I got this great,
well paying new job, but it requires I work Mondays for a few weeks, until a new training class comes out of that phase and enters the rest of us reps.
Therefore, Episodes 125 and 127 will be recorded on Thursdays, with the time to
decided closer to the dates, and 126 and possibly 128 will be recorded, sadly,
without me. I plan to record small segments for you all, as my way to feel like
I am still part of the show. This is a sad fact for me, as these will be the
first time since I launched this as a podcast that the show goes on without me.
The show, as they are famous for saying, must go on, and I am sure Graece will
do a fabulous job without me there. I hope you all join her in chat to cheer her
on if she does a live show.

Now, to the other topic of this update post.
The Linking Contest. Yes, the dreaded, seemingly never ending contest where we
bribe ask you to link to us in exchange for a chance to win fabulous prizes(but
not a new car!). As many of you know, the Blizzcon 48 hour pre sale began on
Wednesday, the 5th, and our good friend Matticus of World of Matticus was kind
enough to buy a few things for us, as we could not access the store ourselves.
We have posted and shirts, murlocs and pandarens. Well, ok, we will have soon

Well, in order to encourage you all to get entered, and spread
the word about the site and the contest, as there is only about 2 weeks to go, I
have an offer. If we get to 250 entries, I will add 1 Blizzcon item to the Grand
Prize. If we hit 500, I will add a second item. Lastly, if we hit 1,000, I will
add in Grunty the Murloc Marine! These need to be valid entries, which is to say
you must link to us as All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast, and
email contests@allthingsazeroth.com with your entry! The contest ends Auguest
23rd at 12 noon CDT. The winner will be chosen via a /roll ### in game where ###
is the number of entries and the runner up will be chosen the same way. So, my friends, my listeners,get out there, get linking, and start telling everyone you know about All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast!


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