All Things Azeroth covers Blizzcon

Today we are merely 2 days from the start of Blizzcon, the show celebrating
all properties in the Blizzard Entertainment empire. Blizzard on Tuesday
released the schedule for the show, then pulled it back, and released a new
schedule. We are pretty sure the second one is official and final one, and we
here at All Things Azeroth are prepared to give you, the listeners, our official
Blizzcon live show broadcast schedule
for the 2 days of the conference. We have
looked and cross checked the schedule to ensure our coverage of the show is as
in depth and non conflicting as we can.

First, we will be doing 3 shows
over the 2 day event. First we will do a live show covering the opening
ceremony, which is now reduced to 30 minutes. We hope to cover all the stuff we
expect in the opening in less than the time it is scheduled for, but no
guarantees. Second, we will do a show on Friday night, just after the start of
the costume contest, in which we will cover the hottest news released on day 1,
including, we suspect, WoW Cataclysm and MMO Champion being right. Then, between
the Live Raid panel and the music show, we will do the third show, covering the
highlights of Day 2, and the biggest stories of the con.

In addition to
this, while I am watching the videos on the Blizzcon Live Feed, be they on
demand or actually live, I will be live blogging what I see. You can find the
live blog we will be doing here, with live blogging services thanks to
CoverItLive. I may take breaks here or there, but if there is a panel I am not
interested in, I will go back and listen to panels I missed, plus there looks to
be 30 minutes planned between panels for those us who need breaks. I will try to
be on Stickam during these live blogging sessions, but no

Finally, as we wrap up our coverage, we will of course be doing
the usual Monday night show, where the biggest topics will be the news out of
Anaheim, and the winners of the Linking contest. You will be able to join
Bacoes(Graece) and Orrgithar(Medros) live in Ogrimmar on Echo Isles as we do
/roll for the winner, and the runner up prizes, which can be found here. Get
your entry emails in now, and maybe we will hit a plateau and I will add in even more

We will see you Friday, Saturday, and Monday for All Things
Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast!

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