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This past week has been a pretty huge one, and the week coming up is expected to
be an even bigger one! Not only did we release both episodes 125 and 126 this
week of ATA, totaling over 2 hours of audio talking about the hottest topics in
the community, but I was on the Pixelated Podcast this Sunday, talking Blizzcon
and.. ummm… other stuff, and of course promoting this here show. You should
definitely take a listen, and thank Nelson for having me on his show

In addition to that guest appearance, Graece and I recorded a
short version of ATA for the Tech Podcast Network weekly show. Be warned, this
is a very spoiler heavy show, as we talk about the leaked Cataclysm information
that came out just after we recorded the show on Thursday. If you want to hear
our thoughts in a short under 15 minute episode of ATA, check it out and be sure
to Tweet, Facebook, and link it anywhere, and everywhere you can. I will even
make a concession and let you all count those links for the linking contest, so
be sure to send in an email about your link to the proper address!

As for
the upcoming week, it is going to be Crazy! We don’t yet know the Blizzcon
schedule, and we don’t have a full run down of the goody bag, but be sure that WILL be the place to catch our coverage of the show.
When I am home and tuned into the stream, I may just be streaming live, but we
will definitely have an opening ceremony show, a Friday end of day show, and a
Saturday end of day show. The rest, as they say, is gravy! See ya


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