Auctioning for Charity, an event for Child’s Play

We here at Dwight Wallbridge Productions are always happy to lend a hand to support good causes. Some of you may know I am a gamer as well as a photographer, and therefore a supported of the Child’s Play charity, started by the guys over at the Penny Arcade web comic. It’s a way for gamers to give back, to show the world there is more to us than a controller, avatar, character or title. Therefore when Brigwyn, over at The Hunter’s Lodge, twittered about his planned Child’s Play charity auction, an event to celebrate the World of Warcraft in game event Children’s Week, I knew right away I had to give what I could. For the photography side, I offered up an 8×10 print, unframed, of one of my collection, of course dependent of model release where applicable. On the podcasting side of the company(Dwight Wallbridge Productions) I offered up a one episode sponsorship. If you want to support Child’s Play, a great charity helping kids, and get a sponsorship of the show or a print of one of my photos, check out the eBay auctions. Also, be sure to check out all the other awesome stuff being donated!

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  1. anonymous says:

    It’s really a good event for gamers to show that even we are addicted to those game, still we are aware on the what happen on our community and we can make good things.
    I’m happy for you Medros that you had shown to others your good side. Actually, I am also a wow player. I also participated in this kind of community projects on our country.
    I’m happy that even i’m busy doing my work and playing world of warcraft, still i have time to show my concern to others.
    Congrats to both of us!

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