All Things Azeroth #114 – Plushie Evilness

All Things Azeroth, your World of Warcraft Podcast has no reached episode 114, where Ambassador Medros and Graece fawn over plushies, discuss the Blizzcon ticket event, Ulduar having been beaten, and Chinese players on the move to take on Ulduar

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One Response to All Things Azeroth #114 – Plushie Evilness

  1. Jenazpod says:

    I remember this one from the live chat. Love the “up to the minute” reporting on the realm outages.
    The plush Murky is cute, and the plush Yogg is tooo cutesy. Awesome! 🙂 I like them. I don’t actually want one, but I am really amused by the fact that people are making plush figures inspired by WoW.
    Very nicely done “Public Service Announcement” by Graece. Important warnings for us all. Be careful who you buy from.
    Nice to see the ticket sales for Blizzcon aren’t a giant mess like last year.
    “Twibe” is never going to sound right to me! /cringe

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