All Things Azeroth #113 – Title Madness

All Things Azeroth, your World of Warcraft Podcast has now reached episode 113, where Ambassador Medros and Graece the Noble discuss the excitement that is Gurky the Murloc Marine, Blizzard getting lawsuit happy, a new Pet of the week feature, and more

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One Response to All Things Azeroth #113 – Title Madness

  1. Jenazpod says:

    Awwww… dire kitty mini attack!
    Still astounded by how many gold farmers are out there.
    The whole thing with the apps is just too much for me. I don’t use them. I barely know what they are for. Too much drama!
    Also, less than pleased that WoW has started going after WoW related comics, even ones that aren’t making any money. What’s next? Wow blogs and podcasts? This will make more enemies than friends, I think.
    Oh,no! I missed the interview with Richard Knaak! Damn!

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