All Things Azeroth #110 – Rolling a 500

Medros and Graece work to improve the audio while talking about the gear manager options, bugs with dual specs, the Chinese WoW community, and earning an F at the BBB

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2 Responses to All Things Azeroth #110 – Rolling a 500

  1. WOW Insider says:

    Tracking dead bosses in the instance you step into

    Filed under: Patches , Analysis / Opinion , Blizzard , Instances , Raiding , Bosses , Forums As you will

  2. jenazpod says:

    The Argent Tournament that Graece described in this show sounds like a lot of fun. It reminds me of the jousting I’ve watched at the Renaissance Faires (in real life).
    Congrats, Medros, on rolling a 500, and dinging 32 as you, yourself, ding 32. 🙂
    Still haven’t seen a turtle mount in game, but, I keep looking.

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