All Things Azeroth #107 – Game Free or Rant Hard

While Graece is back on the war path with more rants about China and their lack of freedom, while Medros talks about Night of the Dragon and Authenticator week in the news

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3 Responses to All Things Azeroth #107 – Game Free or Rant Hard

  1. I love your show… ^^
    He can’t say Taiwan because it doesn’t exist! According to the Chinese gov it’s just an other part of china. While 99.999% of the Taiwanese disagree who are they to argue, china gots the guns, china makes the rules!
    Blizzard should make a special edition of Wrath for china, turning everything into bones. Sure bones are bad but torturing children and invading peaceful countries is AOk..
    Chinese government is not Communist! they have been evil totalitarian since day 1.
    I understand the market that is china and why every industries is trying to get in there but for elvis sake companies like Blizzard need to grow some balls!

  2. Jenazpod says:

    I had no idea there was an Authenticator app for the iphone. I guess it’s an option, if you can’t get a hold of an actual Authenticator. Seems complex to me, though, but that’s just me.
    I’m still unsure if I want to do a battle net account or not.
    I agree, Manga tends to be a quick read, “way too fast”. But they are fun! The World of Warcraft stuff is pretty great. Nice review of the book by Richard Knaak, Night of the Dragon. I like his writing.
    There were some really great rants in this episode! Rants about Mods, duel specs, and a big one about the Chinese government and how it relates to the release of World of Warcraft there…. very interesting to listen to!

  3. My brother and I have been playing World of Warcrack (yes we’re addicted) since it was released and have been addicted ever since. It brings family and friends raid together and the positive social atmosphere is what makes this so popular.

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