Medros on Pixelated Live

Hey all, I wanted to here that tomorrow evening, March 18th, I will be live as for sure a guest, perhaps even a co host for the Pixelated Live World of Warcraft special show. I am amongst World of Warcraft luminaries like Erin from, Matticus from WorldofMatticus, and Darren from The show is live at 7:30 PST, and is a video show, so do be ready to see the full Medros(ok, not full, but a head shot for sure) right there on cam.

iSeven, a long time watcher of the All Things Azeroth live show and fan of the show will be giving away a copy of Wrath of the Lich King(for a spouse maybe? Don’t forget to refer a friend first, though!), a couple of game cards, and a massive stand up of Arthas! I know if I wasn’t going to be on the show, I would be begging to win any of those. So be there, tune in, and watch live for a World of Warcraft Extravaganza!

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