All Things Azeroth #105 – Defleating Ulduar and Shotgunning Professions

Medros and Graece discuss the delusion, Chinese Wrath, Ulduar achievements, emblems, as well as a review of World of Warcraft Manga.

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One Response to All Things Azeroth #105 – Defleating Ulduar and Shotgunning Professions

  1. jenazpod says:

    The email Graece got was a nice mixture of adorable and cheesy. Made me giggle.
    It was interesting to hear about how China does not like bones, and how this is continuing to affect the release of Wrath of the Litch King. Oh, hey! This is the show where Graece does that great rant in regards to this whole issue! Very interesting stuff.
    Also, just gotta say, I love the World of Warcraft related book reviews. And, Medros reading a huge list of stuff in “auctioneer style” at the end of the show was awesome!
    I did not remember I did a haiku from the chat room for this episode! This show really has a lot going on. 🙂

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