All Things Azeroth #102 – On and On and On and…

Medros and Graece discuss dual specs, 3.1, Ulduar, class changes, and the Argent Tournament.

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One Response to All Things Azeroth #102 – On and On and On and…

  1. Jenazpod says:

    Orrigthar dinged 59, and the sound effect was awesome! Nicely done.
    It’s the little things like that sound effect that make listening to the recorded podcast so interesting. I was in the live chat room for this show, so I’ve heard what was said. Despite that, I really enjoy these little touches that appear in the recorded show. Sound effects, music… very cool!
    The “public service announcement” with suggestions about actually going outside if your realm is down was funny. Most people should go outside fairly often.
    Not me, but most people 😉

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