Special Occassion

So I was hoping we’d have the latest episode out for today, the 15th of January, but alas it seems not so, so I thought I would write up a little post about this day. Two years ago I posted the first episode of All Things Azeroth, with myself and my then co-host and recent guest host Lelia. It was the day before Burning Crusade and everyone was excited. 10 hours from the point it went up, the expansion would begin to hit the servers.
People hit the live realms in quick order, beginning at midnight local to them, and while I was not in line that time, I did hear some amazing stories from the launch parties. I recall fondly the first netherwhelps showing up, luckily at the behest of a guildmate, and I got copious screenshots with him. 731 days, and 96 episodes ago All Things Azeroth hit the internet. Thanks for making it an awesome two years, one and all!

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