The Best of Winter Veil and a Merry Christmas to all

I will beg your forgiveness in this, but this will be a post meant for both listeners of All Things Azeroth, my podcast, and From the Abbey to Outlands, my blog. I want to wish you, one and all, a great holiday. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzea, or if your greatest celebration this holiday season is the Feast of Winter Veil, I hope you have a truly amazing, friend and loved ones filled holiday season.
While Greatfather Winter has brought presents for us all, and the Achievement spam is at an all time high, we might begin to lose patience at the constant crashing of rocket cars, but remember, that this is a time of love and peace, and we should all take a few times before we gank our neighbor, to remember this is when we should spare that killing blow, and let our enemies bow in safety and go on their way. Take care of yourselves, /love your neighbor, and spread /cheer throughout the world(of warcraft)!

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