AzPodMo 08 #17 – Nov 17, 2008

Medros gives a run down of the books written in the Warcraft universe.

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One Response to AzPodMo 08 #17 – Nov 17, 2008

  1. I have been looking at these books in my store, wondering if they were any good. It sounds like they are worth the read.
    I have the entire Sunwell Trilogy, because I couldn’t resist WoW “manga”. 😉 I was pleased to find that at least part of it was written by Richard A. Knaak, who also writes many of the books in the Diablo series. I love his writing. The Sunwell Trilogy now comes in a great big hardcover compilation. The artwork is the same, but is in full color in the hardcover. Very cool! Might have gotten that one myself, if I hadn’t bought all three separate mangas before the hardcover existed.
    Great show, Medros! Usually when I listen to the AzPodMos, it makes me want to go play WoW. Today’s show makes me want to go read these books, and then play WoW.

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