All Things Azeroth #18 – The Real Episode 50!

Hi. Have you been waiting on something? Well wait no more, Episode 18/50 is here! A belated 18/50, we talk about the pre 2.4 news spam from the CMs, 10 million
accounts, the grim totem debacle, and more.

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Show Notes:

Sorry about lack of podcast lately, but my last attempt was too rant filled to actually edit, never mind publishing it.


Patch 2.4 Previews:

Wrath of the Lich King:

  • Tigole talks Inscription and hints at what might be the next hero class, Archdruid connected to the Emerald Dream and Malfurion Stormrage!

General News:



Thank you for mentioning the Hyper Nonsense live show (and test show)
from New Year’s Eve!  Very nice of you.  There will be more live shows,
but I don’t know exactly when yet.

I enjoyed the Murloc song at the start of this show! 🙂  So far, this is my favorite WOW related song.

Thank you for reading my email from the previous show on this show.  I
think you read it off just right.  I tend to type like I talk, so maybe
that helps it bit.  In any case, good job!  I understand a lot more
about how the guild banks in WOW work now.  Nice to see they aren’t
quite the mess they were in Meridian (though, it seems they do have
some problems).

In answer to one of the questions you asked on this show:
Why do I play WOW?  I play because it’s fun.  I like the way the
characters and settings look, because the artwork is great.  I like how
when you use a spell it creates a really cool special effect, (my
personal favorite is the lightning bolts my dranai shaman can throw).
 I like the storyline, and how you get little bits and pieces in the
quests.  I like that you can be as interactive with other players as
you choose to.  I like the flexibility in WOW where you can choose to
spend all day role playing in one of the pubs, or, off on your own
killing merlocks, or whatever makes you happy at that moment.   I find
playing WOW to be a great way to just relax a bit after a really bad
day at work.  If it’s been a really bad day at work, then I find WOW to
be a great way to channel anger.  Find a monster, give it the name of
the person at work who ticked you off the most, hunt them down and kill
them!  For people like me, with anger management issues, this is a
great release! 😉  For me, playing WOW isn’t ever going to be about
figuring out how to get the best and newest gear, or the coolest
looking mount.. or whatever else comes along.  I just play because it’s

Oh, and one more thing.  I listened to the Blizcast, and … meh!
 Didn’t really enjoy it.  I followed the link from the WOW launcher,
and expected the show to have much more WOW content than it did.  I
have never played Starcraft, and know almost nothing about it, so, that
part of the show didn’t really do it for me.  The conversation about
the artwork was interesting, in a limited way.  Would help to actually
be able to see the artwork they talked about!  And overall, the show
just felt really… I don’t know… cold.  Here we have the high
muckety-mucks of Blizzard, who listeners can’t ever really interact
with.  You can’t go find these people on some server in WOW and join
them for a raid, or something, can you?  I wonder if they plan to
include listener comments at all in future shows.  I will give the show
a chance to win me over, but at this point, it’s going to have to work
really hard at that.

Ok… let’s hope this email makes it to you.

  • Teacher Marc writes in:

Show 17 is my first listen of your show and I like it. I learned about
you from Hypernonsense. I’ve been a WoW player for 3 years now and have
recently gone into a slump. I enjoyed raiding much more pre-BC but the
time to lament about those days is long past. I hit Kara very hard with
my Horde guild within a month of BC release on Hyjal until the silly 10
man limit destroyed our guild by about May 2007. The raiders went one
way and the casual players went another. I find the recent post-BC pvp
push by Blizz to be very devastating to the game, hence my slump. Even
on a pve server folks are pvp crazy and you get made fun of (by some)
if you don’t have a season 3 main hand. Getting a group of guildies to
do anything is difficult because they are all trying to get their arena
rating up. I have tried arena on both my MM Hunter and my Stealth Rogue
and I hate it and I won’t respec. I didn’t come over to WoW to pvp. I
simply don’t enjoy the pvp experience and yet all the recent nerfs and
buffs to classes are programmed to enhance the pvp (arena specific)
players. What about those of us that enjoy the pvE experience but don’t
want to grind heroics with half-brained 13 year olds that barely know
how to play their class? Blah to Blizzard on that one. I’m looking
forward to WLK because from what I’ve read it sounds like we’re getting
back to some good ‘ol fashioned pvE-ing.
I would like to give you some kudos for your rational thoughts on the
Heroic Class. I may not like the title but I agree that it’s best to
stick with just 1 (for now). The power players want more more more and
I feel, as you seem to, that they will become more elitist than they
perhaps already are. It is disappointing that Blizzard seems to listen
to the demands of these types of players because they aren’t the ones
that in the end, will keep Blizz afloat. I also play EQ2 and it is
surprising how many people I meet in that game that left WoW for no
other reason than the players with no life that are constantly
insulting the player that are just out to have some fun. WoW has a
strong reputation as being a PvP game and that’s just sad. Thanks for
your advice to the WoW community that we should play the way we want to
play … it needs to be repeated more often in the trade channel (aka
The New Barrens Chat).
I’ll be checking out your back episodes shortly. Thanks for your time.
Teacher Marc

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