All Things Azeroth #16 – Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008!

We talk the year that was, the year that will be, and how to define cheating in World of Warcraft
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2 Responses to All Things Azeroth #16 – Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008!

  1. Gilead says:

    Hi Medros,
    Just a note to thank you for a great podcast….being following your cast for quite sometime.
    Sincerest thanx
    Realm: Dentarg – lvl 70 priest (Holy)

  2. All Things Azeroth #18 – The Real Episode 50!

    Hi. Have you been waiting on something? Well wait no more, Episode 18/50 is here! A belated 18/50, we talk about the pre 2.4 news spam from the CMs, 10 million accounts, the grim totem debacle, and more. Download Now…

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