A few notes

After much consideration, I have decided to take on a sponsor for this here lowly
podcast, at least on a trial basis. This means that it is pretty likely that your RSS
feed has recently downloaded, or attempted to download, about 45 episodes of the
podcast due to some changes made to my RSS feed. I want to apologize briefly for this.
I plan and hope that this will be the last time you will have to see this occurrence.
You will also, if you are reading this, see an ad up top for my new sponsor. I have
known of Gotomeeting for a long time, but I only recently had the opportunity to check
them out. This is a first for me on my podcast, as the only ad offers before were for
gold sellers, which I adamantly refused due to my stand on the product, so I hope you
will all show my sponsor the respect they deserve for taking the plunge in supporting
this podcast, and at least check out their 45 day free trial offer.
Hopefully they will stay around, perhaps other offers will come my way, but for the
time being, this is where we’re at.

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