All Things Azeroth #13 – A different kind of Hallows

Hallows end loot gripes, Heroic key changes, Epic flying machines, lore of old Hillsbrad, and more!
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3 Responses to All Things Azeroth #13 – A different kind of Hallows

  1. greylock says:

    best start to a podcast ever !!

  2. Letheria says:

    Really liking your podcasts. I especially like your opinions. At times, podcasts tend towards overly positive, even gushing. I often see things in game that I don’t like or understrand, and some of those have even come up on your podcast. Please continue to voice opinions of both the good and the bad in the game.
    As for the Hallows’s End loot, I think that this event has really shown why people tend to play the game. Many people, such as us, I suspect, took this event as a fun experience, with the side benefit of some decent gear with which to help our own causes. Others saw it as “welfare epics”, and took it as an affront to their hard earned time gearing up. It really showed the line between Progression and Pridefullness.

  3. Dest says:

    Dest here again from the Moon Guard server, now a level 39 warlock blood elf. Just finished listening to the latest episode, very nice work. Loved the tie ins with the headless horseman clips. Great coverage of the hallows end festivities. Although I am too low of a level to go into scarlet monastary for the epic ring, it was nice to hear about it and will keep it in my notes for next year.
    I was thinking of something I would like to hear, maybe each week have one class and go over it in detail, maybe have a guest speaker who plays that class and kind of give a nice 1-70 review, ie) at level 40 what should I have done, what should I be doing and what should I expect for my level 40 soon warlock, I know its a lot of info to cover Im sure, but since I only play one character, I might hear something about another class that would interest me in playing two characters, just my two cents! 🙂
    Anyway, keep up the great work, I have now listened to all your all things azeroth podcasts, they just keep getting better, until next time, happ hunting!!!
    aka Steve

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